Pesticides & Chemigation

The Division of Agricultural Resources works to promote, direct and ensure safe agricultural and environmental practices. Through education and enforcement, the division ensures compliance with federal and state rules and laws governing pesticide use in Idaho. Programs include applicator licensing, chemigation, ground and surface water protection, worker protection, farm safety, toxicological risk assessment, endangered species protection, waste pesticide disposal, pesticide registration, container recycling, urban pesticide program, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), and proper recordkeeping.

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Soil Fumigation Training Manual

Registrant Soil Fumigation Applicator Training

Soil Fumigant Risk Mitigation Measures

NPDES Pesticide General Permit Website

For Assistance with Pesticide NPDES Questions, call Dirk Helder, EPA Boise Office (208) 378-5749

Container/Containment Rule