Idaho has several quarantines in place to mitigate the entry and/or spread of harmful pests into our state. Quarantines against a particular pest may apply to a wide range of plants or commodities, and even to vehicles and machinery. These quarantines may apply to anything moving into or even within the State of Idaho, or they may only apply to portions of the state.

Anyone selling or bringing plants, agricultural or horticultural commodities, or nursery stock into Idaho should read through our quarantine summary. By making sure your products meet quarantine standards, you can help us keep harmful pests out of Idaho! Checking quarantines in advance of shipment will also help assure no surprises when your commodities reach retail the retail outlet.

To download a summary of Idaho quarantines in Adobe Reader format, click here.

A summary of Federal quarantines, which also apply to commodities and items entering Idaho, is available for your information here. This summary is maintained by the USDA.